The Man with the Golden Balls (English version) Ole Andersen e-bog PDF

Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA since 1998, has long treated FIFA as his personal fiefdom and defied numerous calls for his resignation over the fiascos and embarrassments here recalled in over sixty hilarious cartoons by ex-footballer, long time FIFA graphic artist and expert cartoonist Olé Andersen. Making merry over a checkered history of questionable events that Sepp Blatter and his ex-cronies at FIFA would rather forget, the cartoons in this this book are those that have survived a barrage of legal challenges by Blatter and FIFAs lawyers. Memorable events in the history of the Beautiful Game are also recalled in a series of illustrations of highlights of World Cup matches since 1978- as a reminder that even through the Blatter regime FIFA has continued to stage some great football games.This is an eBook with so-called fixed laoyut . It is suitable for reading on reading devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is not suitable for reading on older or less sophisticated readers.Fil størrelse: 25838 KB

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